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Microsoft: Xbox LIVE was not hacked today

Despite the claims of a dastardly hacker named Reckz0r, Microsoft has confirmed that their online service Xbox LIVE wasn't hacked and no sensitive information was infiltrated.

Earlier this evening a hacker by the handle of Reckz0r made daunting claims that he hacked Microsoft's online gaming community, Xbox LIVE, and published "nearly confidential info on about 47 million users".

The "proof" was uploaded to Paste Bin, and contains Reckz0r's internal message to Microsoft as well as a listing of supposed e-mail accounts and their respective password logins. 

In response to the hacker's purported attack, Microsoft has issued a statement that disconfirms the hacker's claims and that Xbox LIVE has had no "breach in security":

“Xbox Live has not been hacked,” a Microsoft spokesperson revealed to GamesBeat. “Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service.”

Although Microsoft reaffirms the security of their online network and the listed credentials may be faked, it still would be a good idea for Xbox LIVE users to change their passwords every now and then–both the password tied to the account's linked e-mail address and maybe even your key code if you have one–in an effort to thwart hacking attempts. Be sure to try to avoid using the same password for various accounts as well, especially when the accounts are linked to credit card information.

Microsoft has assured its community that they can breathe easy and that the online network has maintained its stability security-wise, but it's all too easy to be reminded of when the PlayStation Network was hacked and sensitive information of millions of users was compromised.

To date, the Xbox LIVE service has upwards of 46 million subscribers–many of which have sensitive financial information tethered to their accounts–however it seems that Microsoft has prided itself on the security of their networks and may be prepared to handle these attempts as they happen.

Via VentureBeat

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