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Microsoft will be taking their time with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is slowly starting to become a crowded market. Sony’s PlayStation VR has finally launched to a relatively warm reception. While the sales of both the HTC and the Oculus have slowed down, headsets are still being shifted. You would think then that Microsoft would be jumping into the far as quickly as possible. However, the Seattle-based giant is taking things at their own pace. Whether this strategy will pan out however remains to be seen.

Image courtesy: The Verge
Image courtesy: The Verge

Microsoft’s VR headset


While most of the attention was on the new surface computers, Microsoft did announce their new VR headsets last week. Nothing much is known about them, not even what they’re called, but we do know when we will know more. Alex Kipman, head of AR/VR and the Hololens program at Microsoft told Polygon that more details will be shared during Microsofts WinHEC events next month. Shenzen on December 8-9 and in Taipei on 14-15.  More details are likely to be announced during CES in January of next year as well. Until then, all we know is that the headset will be opaque, tethered and cost significantly less than its PC rivals. The VR headsets also boast the same sensor technology found in the Hololens, meaning that no setup with sensors will be needed. Again, more details are likely to surface further down the line.

The VR question for Scorpio

Image courtesy: WCC Tech
Image courtesy: WCC Tech

Microsoft might well be dipping it’s toes into VR, but that doesn’t mean that we will see VR on their latest console, the Scorpio, too soon. In an interview with stevivor, head of Xbox Phil Spencer made it absolutely clear that VR would only make it’s way onto the new system when VR experiences are more than just demos. He says, “I don’t think the creators in the game space have yet found – well, they haven’t obviously perfected the craft of building VR games.” Spencer thinks that games are a couple of years behind making truly excellent VR experiences. However, Spencer does think that VR will find it’s space within the ecosystem.

Image courtesy: Windows Central
Image courtesy: Windows Central

Spencer’s comments could either be an indication of when we will see Microsoft’s VR headsets on the market. It could also just be his own personal feelings in regards to his department. In any case, here’s to hoping that Singapore won’t be left in the lurch for as long as it was for the Vive and Rift.

Sources: Stevivor, Tech Radar

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