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Microsoft unveils Xbox news site called Xbox Wire

Microsoft has opened up their own website called Xbox Wire which will be run by Major Nelson and other members of the Xbox team. It will act as a place to get Xbox related news straight from the horse's mouth and all in one place.

There hasn’t been a go-to place for Xbox news coming directly from Microsoft for quite some time. It looks like they aren’t going to let Sony have all the fun with their Playstation Blog, because Microsoft has officially launched their own news website called Xbox Wire.

As for who is running the website, Editor Lisa Gurry explains “You’ll see some familiar faces on Xbox Wire. Our executives will write blogs occasionally, but most of our blogs will be from everyday people on the Xbox team. Our own Major Nelson will appear as well – both via blog posts and through interviews – of course, Major’s fans can also continue to follow along with him at MajorNelson.com.”

Major Nelson, whose real name is Larry Hryb, has been the source for a lot of Microsoft news the last long while, so it’s nice to have on focused place where he and other members of the Xbox team will be able to share their news, and one place that fans can go to get it. It couldn’t come at a better time, considering the new Xbox is expected to be revealed in just a couple days on May 21, so they may have a lot to share sooner rather than later.

Source: Xbox Wire Via: Neowin

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