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Microsoft to raise Xbox LIVE game prices by converting from MSP to real money?


Microsoft is currently conducting a beta test of the new Xbox 360 update which will introduce a few new interesting changes to the online service, some of which may not be exactly welcomed by the community. According to various sources in the current Xbox LIVE beta program, the prices of digital content featured on Xbox LIVE will increase in price once the update rolls out thanks to Microsoft’s conversion from its digital current–Microsoft Points (MSP)–to real money.

While many gamers across the world were in favor of the change, but if this tip is indeed true, it may send a wave of dissatisfaction through the community as a whole.

The sources told Eurogamer that the update converts a user’s current pool of Microsoft Points into local, real-world currency the very moment that they try to buy something on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Additionally the source claimed that Microsoft issued no warning or notifications that this would happen.

According to the source, 1200 MSP ($14.99 USD) converted into real-world currency doesn’t translate literally into $14.99 and no longer affords a game that was previously listed as 1200 MSP.

Below you can see a general breakdown of the purported conversion rations that are claimed to be included in the upcoming Xbox LIVE update:

  • 1600MSP games are now $21.99 USD; previously this was the equivalent of $19.99
  • 1200 MSP games are now $17.99; previously $14.99
  • 800 MSP games are now $12.99; an even bigger increase – previously this was $9.99
  • 400 MSP games are now $6.99; previously $4.99

As you can see, based on the claims, Microsoft will be implementing a $2-3 change in prices on Xbox LIVE Marketplace content. The tipster listed the above values for Xbox LIVE Arcade games purchased on the marketplace, but we may be able to expect raises in everything from Games on Demand titles to avatar props, themes, videos and more.

Users on Reddit have also reported similar claims with their experiences with the Xbox LIVE beta update, and hopefully Microsoft will be able to refine the values a bit so that gamers aren’t having to pay more for content next month than they would last month.

Additionally it’s curious to imagine how Microsoft will implement their Xbox LIVE Rewards structure to fit in with the new conversion, and if they will raise the proportional amount of bonus points earned for the various objectives–or if they will just avoid this by scrapping the rewards system altogether, which would spurn the Xbox LIVE community.

In any case, if enough gamers band together and let their voices be heard, we may see Microsoft set the prices back into proportion. They already backpedaled on a few of Xbox One’s hotly contested features, and it will be interesting to see if these price ranges are indeed accurate when Microsoft rolls out the update.

Via Eurogamer, Reddit

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