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Microsoft to produce new 7-inch tablet & 3rd bug fix for Surface RT released

Microsoft knows that in order to stay competitive they will need to focus their shift away from the desktop PC.  As part of that plan, the software giant plans on developing a new line of 7-inch Surface tablets.

Later this year Microsoft plans to mass-produce a 7-inch Surface tablet model in an effort to keep up with the growing trend in mobile computing.  For sometime now sales in the desktop personal computer market have fallen sharply and the failure of Windows 8 have hurt the company tremendously.

MS knows that they cannot continue focusing on products that are dedicated to the PC any longer.  A recent report shows that the sales of PCs fell sharply during the first three months of 2013 as compared to that same time last year.

The reasoning behind a 7-inch model is due to the fact that other companies have done very well with them.  Often called ‘phablets’, the mobile computing trend has taken off with no end in sight, such as with Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad Mini or Google’s Nexus 7.

Just recently MS issued their third and hopefully final update for the Surface RT's terrible problems with poor Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The Surface was released late last year and many consumers complained about how their Surface could not connect to Wi-Fi at times.  Often times the tablet will say that connectivity is limited after a short period of time, and other times they often cannot connect to the Internet at all. 

The first software bug fix was issued in February but it only seemed to address part of the poor connectivity issues it had.  Soon thereafter MS come out with another bug fix, but still users were saying it did not fix all of the problems it had.  The latest fix came on April 9 and MS says it should correct all of the previous woes the tablets had in the past.

In the latest MS release notes they said the update would improve “Wi-Fi to handle a wide range of access points,” and “resolves system crashes caused by certain Wi-Fi issues.”

If you happen to own a Surface RT and still have troubles, your updates should be automatic. Nevertheless, in case your updates are not set to auto, you can manually install the Wi-Fi bug fix by going to your "Charms bar", select “Settings” then “Change PC Settings” and then to “Windows Update” – from here you click to check for any updates. 

MS says they will also have an update coming up shortly for those using the Surface Pro.  This update is supposed to contain fixes with the Surface Type and Touch cover connectivity issues, some on screen touch navigation and airplane mode settings problems. 

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