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Microsoft to announce Xbox 720 on May 21

Sony lifted the lid its development of the PlayStation 4 back in late February, and not to be outdone by its competitor, Microsoft will follow suit and officially announce the Xbox 720 in May.

Details regarding the Xbox 720 are only pure speculations at the moment, but according to various sources the next-gen Microsoft game console (codenamed “Durango”) will utilize AMD’s x86 hardware, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.  These specifics and more will be confirmed or refuted at an upcoming event on May 21.

What many wants to know is: Will Xbox 720 owners be required to have their console connected to the internet at all time to play their games?  Some sources have hinted at such a requirement for the Xbox 720, but many gamers are vehemently against such a limitation if Microsoft decides to go that route.  Game piracy is a big problem for console makers like Sony and Microsoft since they are selling their hardware at a loss, with the intention of recovering and profiting from sales of game titles and other in-game purchases.  If you can remember, Sony didn't break even from its PS4 investment, and began making a profit off the product until several years after the initial release date of the console.

The announcement date is about a month from now, so we will get some answers.  However, unlike Sony, we hope that Microsoft is willing to show off the actual console and not just the peripherals and a specs list for the console.

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