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Microsoft Surface tops Apple iPad in consumer satisfaction

Consumers are more satisfied with Microsoft’s Surface tablet than Apple’s iPad. This is a boost for the Nadella-led company, but also a huge blow to the Cook-led Apple.

According to the study, Microsoft’s Surface tablet topped its competitor with an 855 out of 1000. Apple’s iPad earned 6 points less—at 849, and Samsung’s flagship Galaxy tablet earned an 847.

Microsoft and Apple have been at war with each other for decades, and in recent years it was Apple that got the upper hand in the mobile market. iPhones and iPads were hot commodities in the late 2000s until now, but the recent JD Power report is reflecting just that—perhaps an end to a highly profitable era for Apple.

Apple’s iPad revenue is on the decline, and this might not be a huge concern for a company that has already won over a huge mobile market. However, it is quite scary if Apple can’t attract a newer generation of consumers, which is something that Microsoft is apparently doing better according to the same JD Power study.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung, despite all of its internal turmoil, isn’t that far behind. Customer satisfaction in regards to the Galaxy tablet is just 2 points behind Apple’s iPad. Exploding phones or not, the South Korean tech company is hanging on.

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  1. Anonymous

    What about phones? Isn’t that what makes huge profits for Apple?

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