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Microsoft Surface Book i7 vs Apple MacBook Pro 2016


As Apple launched its MacBook Pro 2016, Microsoft also launched its much anticipated Surface Book i7 recently. Whilst the Surface Book i7 and the MacBook Pro are not direct competitors, they are both flagships that everyone’s considering splurging on, so here’s a breakdown of the differences between the Surface Book and the MacBook Pro.








The MacBook Pro that’s used for heavy-duty work has traditionally been a bugger to carry around. This new update however, turns the MacBook Pro lighter and more slim than its predecessors. The all-metal body keeps its signature Apple look, but it has a couple of alterations, including the famous Touch Bar on the higher end model, that everyone seems to be talking about.

Just like the old Surface Book, the latest Surface Book i7 has a divisive hinge that doesn’t allow the laptop to fully close. This screen, however, is detachable for enhanced convenience so that it can be used as a laptop-tablet hybrid, which the MacBook Pro is unable to do.

Weight and Build

Screen Size

MacBook Pro:

  • 13.3-inch
  • 15.4-inch

Surface Book i7

  • 13.5-inch

There is no clear winner here, but the screen size would really depend on your personal preference when it comes to viewing on-screen materials as well as portability.


MacBook Pro:

  • 1.49cm

Surface Book i7:

  • 2.29cm

Apple received quite a bit of competition lately for its MacBook Air, with ultra-thin laptops like the ZenBook 3 and the LG Gram in the market, so it’s not going to lose out to the Surface Book i7 in terms of thickness. Hence, at 1.49cm, the MacBook Pro is the thinner of the 2 competitors.


MacBook Pro:

  • 2,560 x 1,600 px (13-inch)
  • 2,880 x 1,800 px (15-inch)

Surface Book i7:

  • 3,000 x 2,000 px (13.5-inch)

The Surface Book i7 clearly destroys the MacBook Pro in terms of display resolution, and what’s more it has a detachable screen that allows you to use it as a tablet, with a fully capable touch screen standing by.

The MacBook might have an OLED Retina display for the Touch Bar, but I personally still prefer a hybrid’s functionality.

Log-In Methods

The MacBook Pro uses a fingerprint sensor for you to log into your account whereas the Surface Book i7 uses Microsoft Hello’s facial recognition software to do so. It’s hard to say which method is better, but I find a fingerprint sensor far more convenient since it doesn’t require you putting your face at a nice angle just to unlock the device.

Battery Life

MacBook Pro:

  • 10 hours

Surface Book i7:

  • 12-16 hours

I think the winner is clear in this department, but do note that these are what’s claimed by the companies, not what it actually is in reality.


MacBook Pro:

  • Intel Core i5
  • Intel Core i7
  • Integrated Intel Iris Graphics 540 + Radeon Pro (450 or 455)

Surface Book i7:

  • Intel Core i7
  • Nvidia GTX 965M GPU

Both laptops will offer 8GB or 16GB worth of RAM for multitasking purposes and both of them can handle intensive tasks fairly easily. However, in terms of the Graphics Processing Unit, the Surface Book will have the edge over the MacBook here.


Both of them have similar storage options, starting from 256GB, to 512GB, to 1TB worth of storage, but the 15-inch MacBook can boost that up to 2TB, which in my opinion, is rather redundant.


The price is not yet available in Singapore dollars, but we will keep you updated as it comes along!


I personally prefer that the Surface Book provides, better specs and a convertible laptop-tablet hybrid, but all it takes for the MacBook to win is for someone to love the MacOS, so hey, who am I to judge?

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