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Microsoft Surface 3 to feature Nvidia K1, Surface Mini launching this year

The latest rumors indicate that Microsoft is sticking with Nvidia’s hardware on the Surface 3, and that a Surface Mini is set for an official launch later this year.


Microsoft’s Surface 3 will feature the 64-bit version of Nvidia’s K1, and will launch sometime next year. Details are currently scarce at the moment, but it has been indicated by @MSFTnerd that Microsoft is looking to continue using Nvidia’s hardware in its Surface tablets.

Nvidia launched its Tegra K1 at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this week, and it features Nvidia’s first custom 64-bit core, codenamed Denver. The Denver core is based on ARM’s v8 instruction set, and the 64-bit K1 will feature a dual-core variant featuring two Denver cores that are clocked at 2.3 GHz. But the interesting feature on the K1 is its GPU, which comes with 192 CUDA cores and brings Nvidia’s desktop architecture to the mobile platform.


Microsoft is also looking to launch a mini version of the Surface tablet, with the device set to debut sometime during the holiday season this year. Alongside the Surface Mini, Microsoft is considering an LTE-enabled version of the Surface 2 tablet. Tablets running Windows RT have failed to find any momentum, which is largely due to the limited filesystem. It has been rumored that Microsoft is looking to resolve this issue with Threshold, the operating system that is said to unify common Windows features across devices and ecosystems.

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