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Microsoft smartwatch rumors resurface, holiday season time frame eyed

The speculation has resurfaced, get it, reSurfaced?


Taking an entirely different approach to its smartwatch debut than archenemy Apple, Microsoft is believed to have been secretly working on a health-centric wearable for more than a year, with the end result ready for a coming out party in the following weeks and commercial bow in time for the holidays.

Granted, “secret” is a bit of a stretch, as whispers of a Redmond-conceived intelligent wristwatch date all the way back to early 2013. The gossip didn’t seem to lead to anything though, and vague, specific-poor reports emerged every few months since then, disappearing into thin air soon after.

And now, all of a sudden, a highly credible source tells us to save some cash for a potentially disruptive… Surface Watch? SWatch? The mere fact those are our best guesses vis-à-vis the gizmo’s name so close to its alleged rollout prove how shrewd Microsoft can be.


Well played, MS, and we’re also ecstatic to hear your rookie wearable piece will last “more than two days” on a single charge. And go cross platform, synching to Windows Phones as well as Androids and iPhones.

Clearly, that one was a tough decision to make for Redmond, but the well-being of the company ultimately prevailed over ego and pride. Of course, MS isn’t going to do itself any favors when tech consumers buy the two-day-enduring gadget for use alongside the iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4, but you have to aim high when tackling a new product category. And just catering to Windows Phone fans doesn’t fit the description.

Pricing remains the greatest, most paramount question mark with release timing no longer a puzzle, but odds are Microsoft won’t aim too high. $250 is my own personal guesstimate, given the wearable piece is rumored to perform the basic tasks of a smartwatch, but mostly focus on fitness tracking functions.

Distance walked, ran, various statistics, heart rate monitoring, those kinds of things. Anyone interested? Curious, at least?

Source: Forbes

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