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Microsoft set to launch an LTE-enabled Surface tablet in 2014

In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Surface chief Panos Panay mentioned that a Surface tablet with LTE connectivity will be available in 2014.

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft unveiled the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro yesterday, and both tablets are faster and thinner. The Surface 2 now comes with a full-HD screen and Nvidia’s Tegra 4, while the Surface 2 Pro includes a full-fledged Intel 4th-generation Haswell i5 processor.

However, LTE connectivity is still missing on both devices, and may be a deal-breaker for a lot of users planning to buy the devices. On Reddit, Surface boss Panos Panay said that a Surface with LTE will be coming next year, and mentioned, “We didn’t talk about it today, but Surface 2 will be launching an awesome LTE SKU early next year!” Considering the Wi-Fi-only Surface 2 costs $449, the LTE enabled version would cost a few hundred dollars more, which might put Microsoft at a disadvantage as there are a bevy of full-HD Android tablets that come with great hardware and cost less.

Sources also revealed that Microsoft is looking to create a bundle of Windows Phone and Surface that features mobile connectivity. This will be aimed at markets where the lack of in-built wireless connectivity is a major deterrent for buyers.

Source: ZDNet

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