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Microsoft said to be building a new instant messaging app for iPhone

It’s apparently going to be a cross between IM and email.


Under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has drastically changed its stance on providing software for rival platforms. We have seen the company release many of its apps and services to platforms like Android and iOS, and it’s clear that the Redmond based company is not going to stop any time soon.

According to a new report Microsoft is working on an instant messaging app for the iPhone which will be called Flow by Outlook. As many of you are aware, Outlook is the brand under which Microsoft operates its email service, and this app is also believed to offer both IM and email functionality.

Users will apparently be able to take advantage of the email and IM features interchangeably within the same conversation, they’ll be able to reach out to anyone with an email address and the conversations will remain in Outlook. It’s designed for fast conversations which is why there won’t be any subject lines, salutations or signatures.

Moreover, only conversations that have been started in Flow will be displayed in Flow so they won’t be mixed up with all of the emails that users have in their inbox, allowing them to focus on important person to person conversations without being distracted by anything else.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed when this app is going to be released.

Source: ZDNet

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