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Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 preview available for download now

During Microsoft’s BUILD event they announced that the masses will be able to download the public preview for Windows 8.1 right away. Here is how you can get that done right now.


Microsoft has made the public preview for Windows 8.1 available to the public so if you’re anxious to try out the preview version then here is how to do it. Although it should be a little obvious, one disclaimer is that you definitely need to be running Windows 8 to get this to work, so don’t attempt it if you don’t at least meet that requirement.

To get the preview, just visit this link right here and click “get it now” to begin downloading. The upgrade happens through the store on Windows 8 so this download should activate it from there after a quick reboot.  As well, you’re looking at a file size that’s about 2GB which isn’t too hefty considering what the update includes for the Modern UI portion of the operating system.

There has been word of some bugs and whatnot so make sure this is something you want.  Treat it as you would any other beta and don’t expect a perfectly working version out of this. Download at your own risk!

Source: Microsoft Via: Gizmodo

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