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Microsoft Releases SmartGlass SDK

Microsoft has taken developers by surprise by releasing the SDK for its new SmartGlass technology less than two months after unveiling the technology at E3.

The release of Microsoft’s new SmartGlass technology, which was a huge portion of their E3 presentation, may be closer than anyone thought. Microsoft has just released the software development kit, or SDK, giving developers the tools they need in order to integrate the technology into their apps and games.

The SmartGlass technology allows developers to create interconnected experiences between the Xbox 360 and various Windows 8 devices. Some examples given in the E3 presentation involved a show being watched displayed on a tablet, or control of various aspects of a game from a phone. More information on Microsoft’s E3 presentation can be found here.

Developers interested in trying out the technology can download the SDK from here. Included in the kit are the Xbox SmartGlass Studio, which allows developers to build SmartGlass actions, a JavaScript library containing device APIs that will provide a consistent user experience across the various platforms, and sample code to show developers some possibilities of the new technology.

Most of the promise of SmartGlass will depend on developers integrating the technology into their games and applications, and the possibilities extend far beyond simply pushing video to your TV from your phone. Imagine drawing a new play in a football game designed to take advantage of a particular defensive formation directly on your tablet, or using your phone as a racing wheel. These and many more possibilities will see the light of day only if SmartGlass capabilities are built into the games, and Microsoft has started the ball rolling in a big way with the release of the SDK.

Watch this space for news on SmartGlass as developers have a chance to create new, innovative uses for the technology.

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