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Microsoft Releases Classic Solitaire on iOS, Android

Solitaire makes a comeback, and for the first time on non-Windows platforms.

Practically everyone who uses Windows computers regularly has nostalgic memories of being bored out of their minds and turning to Solitaire, the classic game which shipped for free with previous versions of the operating system. The rise of mobile gaming and Microsoft’s decision to charge for the Windows 10 version however, has lead to the game losing popularity.

Now Solitaire is back. The classic game has been released on iOS and Android in a collection called “Solitaire Collection”, which includes other classics like Spider and Free Cell as well.The game retains much of its identifying characteristics, such as the shuffling sound and bouncy-card win animation.

The collection also has features that some players might label as over-the-top for a solitaire game. It features daily challenges in all its games on multiple difficulty levels, as well as Xbox Live integration to give players access to multiplayer, rewards and competitions. It even allows you to sync your game with your desktop computer so you can build your scoreboard across devices.

Microsoft is offering a premium version of the game which comes with extra features and which doesn’t  have any ads. The premium version will set you back $1.99 per month, but you can try it out for free during its first month “to celebrate our worldwide launch”.

Other solitaire games already exist in Apple and Android’s app stores, but Microsoft is betting that it will win back customers loyal to the design of the desktop classic. Microsoft bills their game as the “world’s number one” version of solitaire. On Windows 8 and 10 machines alone, the game has been played by 119 million people.

source: Telegraph

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