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Microsoft patches bug-ridden December firmware upgrade for Surface Pro 2

Following its embarrassing December gaffe, Microsoft quietly released an improved firmware update for its Surface Pro 2 Tablet, presumably combating the last one’s many glitches.


Back in December, Microsoft released an update for the Surface Pro 2 which inadvertently served to downgrade the device, leaving many users with hardware failures, an error code, battery drain, and booting errors.

This led to a slew of complaints from forum users, and Microsoft pulled the update.

And so today, a month later, Microsoft rolled out what would appear to be a new version of the firmware patch, intended to solve the problems present in the last upgrade. Because the company hasn’t yet updated the device’s history page to acknowledge the release of this upgrade, no list of the patch’s functions yet exists.

This release falls outside of Microsoft’s normative Patch Tuesday, which occurred earlier this week.  Similarly, Microsoft released a patch outside of Patch Tuesday earlier this month for the ARM-based Surface 2, in order to address a BitLocker encryption error that was causing booting problems for some customers.

The upgrade is available to Surface Pro 2 devices, with or without the original firmware update.

While the patch may fix the problems from December, it is conceivable that many customers feel Microsoft could use to take more preventative measures to combat sour releases.

Source: The Verge

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