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Microsoft may have accidentally leaked release date for GTA V

Rumors have spreading like wildfire over Grand Theft Auto V's release date, which Microsoft may have revealed the game's launch day via e-mails to those who pre-ordered the game.

Rumors on Grand Theft Auto V's release date are all over the web, however Microsoft seems to have added more fuel to the fire by possibly shedding light on the game's launch date.

According to various fans like Nick Ritenour who pre-ordered the GTA V from Microsoft, a confirmation e-mail was sent that reveals a March 24, 2013 release for the game:

"I preordered it from Microsoft…says shipping/release date is March 24. This doesn't mean it's correct lol…but usually if it's not known they list it as TBA."

This date actually coincides with a recent slip-up made by Amazon, who accidentally listed a release date of March 26, 2013 for Rockstar's upcoming game.

Speculation continues as similar reports pour in, such as this one from a consumer who pre-ordered the game from an Australian retailer:

"I have pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V at the Australian retailer JB-HI-FI. I recently updated my pre-order with them and I directly asked when this game will be released, they responded without hesitation and said April 24 2013 (Australian release date).

They continued to explain to me that Rockstar Games had notified them of this information. It also says the release date on my pre-order receipt April 24 2012. True story."

One fan by the username "Mxk" believes that Rockstar may announce Grand Theft Auto V's official release date when the game's cover art is revealed at the end of January 2013:

"The end of this month we are getting the game cover. Maybe then they'll finally give up the release date, been waiting a long time, just wanna get that Jeremy can and burn the sh*t out of things already. Can't wait R* you're the best."

Rockstar Games has not denied or confirmed any of this information, and for now the speculation must still filed in the rumor category…despite the apparent slip-ups from retailers. Anticipation for Grand Theft Auto V has grown to epic proportions, and these rumors fan the flames of excitement for fans and gamers worldwide.

As always, be sure to take these claims with a grain of salt and not to accept them as fact. Rockstar has maintained its tight-lipped policy about GTA V's release date thus far, and still affirm the Spring 2013 launch window for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For more information on Grand Theft Auto V please visit the game's official website.

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