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Microsoft makes Skype available in web browsers


Microsoft announced today that Skype users will soon be able to make video and voice calls from their browsers.

Skype is perhaps one of the most popular video chat clients on earth, and why wouldn’t it be?  People can make calls to their friends and family for free—that’s right, free.  Negating that broadband requirement, which is an expense on its own, Skype is an extremely useful tool for maintaining ties with people that aren’t within physical proximity.

For a long time, the only gripe that Skype users have is that they have to install a standalone client locally to use voice and video chat.  This restriction simply means people have to download and install Skype onto all their machines.


Even Microsoft recognizes that people are demanding more and more cloud-based solutions, and today’s announcement of Skype for Web is just what the doctor ordered.  Initially, Skype for Web will only work on major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and the Microsoft-branded Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is testing out the new Skype platform on only a select group of people, and you will need an invitation to use Skype for Web.  With convenience in mind, we’re sure the new Skype won’t have a problem catching on and eventually the service will be made available to everyone.

Source: Skype blog via engadget 

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