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Microsoft makes fun of Apple’s new iPhones in seven not-so-funny videos

Microsoft is taking the fight to Apple once again, this time in seven – yes, seven – new YouTube videos mocking Cupertino’s recently announced iPhone 5s and 5c.


The new videos are a stark departure from the usual tone of Microsoft’s ads against iOS and Android, showing two employees mockingly talking about the decisions Tim Cook and Jony Ive made about the new iPhones, with a “fly on the wall” bearing witness as the meetings unfold. Microsoft does seem to have done a poor job at depicting Cook, as he looks more like Steve Jobs at first glance, though the video clarifies it’s Cook when the employees address the man in front as “T.”

The videos make fun of almost everything about the new iPhones, from the colorful iPhone 5c shells to its polycarbonate body, how Apple gave everyone the “finger… print, fingerprint touch ID” on the iPhone 5s, and even the rumored iWatch, which “had to be sent back to R&D,” a reference to the fact that Apple didn’t introduce it at the iPhone event, despite all the speculation in recent months.

[youtube id=”PFsj3ilxIfU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

As you probably deduced from the title, the videos aren’t exactly hilarious, and while they do hammer home some points, they go on for far too long when taken as a whole. Some of you will no doubt find them funny, and they’ll surely give Microsoft’s #timetoswitch campaign some steam, but they’ll certainly not be counted among the much better ads that Microsoft has released in the past.

Here are a couple more videos, with the full set available at the source link. Let us know what you think about Microsoft’s latest jab at its rival mobile company.

Update: Microsoft has made all the videos private, so it looks like some of the viewer feedback might have made them feel bad (I won’t be surprised if the fact that Tim Cook looked more like Jobs was the main reason). We’ll update this post with working videos when possible.

[youtube id=”ljn_aRSdhPQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

[youtube id=”N-pUKQyXqPA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Source: Windows Phone (YouTube)

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