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Microsoft LifeCam Studio Review: Video calls made easy


Microsoft's latest webcam, the LifeCam Studio, is equipped with a 1080p sensor with auto focus and a high fidelity microphone. Furthermore, with TrueColor and ClearFrame technology, it makes video calls to loved ones even at night or low-lighting possible.


Looking from the box, the Microsoft LifeCam Studio sports a mix of silver and black aluminium finish which looks fairly stylish. The 1080p sensor sits behind a high-precision glass which promises to capture high-quality images. The LifeCam Studio is the first webcam to use a lens hood, which is normally found on digital SLR cameras, to prevent glare and lens flare.

On the top, we find the high-fidelity microphone that is protected with a nicely designed mesh.


The Lifecam Studio has a four-way adjustable joint and a thread hole for tripod mount. Users can set up the webcam on the tripod to capture steady high definition videos. The LifeCam Studio can be adjusted 360-degree laterally and about 30-degree vertically.

Microsoft has also included in the box, a rubber lens cover to protect the webcam from dust when not in use.

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