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Microsoft launches mobile OneNote for iPhone


Microsoft may have filed a lawsuit against Apple over “App Store” trademark, but that aside, it seems that the software giant has developed a mobile OneNote app for iPhone users. Like Evernote, you can create different notes and save them to the cloud, and access them from any Mac or iOS device.

While Microsoft may be a competitor to Apple in many ways, including the recent lawsuit over trademark of the “App Store” name, the company has also been developing software for Apple users including Microsoft Office for Mac, to ensure compatibility for home, work and school.

And now, the software giant has also come up with OneNote mobile application for the Apple iPhone. The app claims to allow users to capture and review notes and lists and keep track of their activities easily. The notes are intuitively backed up and synced to the free Windows Live Skydrive online storage whereby you can retrieve them easily on any Mac or iOS devices with Internet connection. On top of that, the OneNote mobile app can also record handwriting, audio and video clips too. Best of all, this is free to download, well, for now.

Source: Mobiletor.com

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