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Microsoft launches a website to compare its Windows 8 RT tablets to the iPad

Microsoft’s marketing sure knows no bounds as it is prepping to launch the second wave of its massive advertising campaign against the Apple iPad this week. The new website aims to show consumers the different ways in which a Windows 8 tablet is superior to the iPad.

Hot on the wheels of launching an iPad Mini parody, Microsoft has launched a new website which pits Windows 8 RT tablets against the Apple iPad. Microsoft has hand picked only for such tablets, namely:

  • ASUS VivoTab Smart
  • Dell XPS 10
  • HP Envy X2
  • Microsoft Surface RT

For the uninitiated, Windows RT is Microsoft’s ARM running Windows 8 platform (and a poor one, sadly).

Microsoft Windows 8 tablets and iPad comparison site

The website posts comparisons between the products of two platforms with respect to battery life, weight, display size, etc. which are mostly valid. However, we fail to understand how Microsoft could choose Office apps as an advantage for Windows tablets while disregarding the fact that Apple’s platform has its own, capable offerings. The website says that the iPad is capable of running only a “single app” from Microsoft’s stable, i.e. OneNote. Yet again we fail to understand the logic behind this comparison as it is clearly up to Microsoft to provide their apps for other platforms (Microsoft, you’ve failed). Also, it is almost impossible to ignore the fact that Windows RT is a struggling platform (read, dying) and has barely managed to establish any ground in the market, the main reason being lack of quality apps and developer support for the same (add to that the high pricing, and it isn’t hard to guess why RT is in such a state).

Despite their marketing campaigns, Apple’s iPad remains the undisputed King of the Hill and is unlikely to get dethroned anytime soon.

Source: WPCentral

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