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Microsoft inches closer to competition with Office web app improvements, Android support included

Microsoft improves the web app experience by adding the ability to work on a project with multiple people in real time, general speed enhancements, and support for Android tablets.

Microsoft joined the web app party to compete with Google docs some years ago and although their offerings remained solid, they were still lacking in features when comparing to the competition. Today they've chosen to fight back by a few new features. The first of which and the most significant is the ability to collaborate on a project with other people in real time. 

Before, you were able to have multiple users working on one document at the same time but you had to refresh the document to see any changes that were made.  With the new collaboration tools you'll be able to see changes made in real time without having to refresh. This real time co-authoring feature already been implemented on the PowerPoint web app, which you can see in action in the video below.

Another enhancement includes Android support. Microsoft is recognizing that in order to reach as many people as people they'll need to support as many platforms as possible as well.  Microsoft is now allowing the ability for users on Android tablets to have access to these web apps and the tools they offer. This is something that was already possible on Windows tablets as well as the iPad.

Microsoft also promises to continue to work toward making things to work faster and more simpler. This includes things such as an improved file management system, improved word replacement tool, reduced launch times, and more.


Source: Office 365 Blog Via: Engadget

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