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Microsoft files another anti-bacterial UV tech patent for touchscreens

Microsoft wants people to know that it is also anti-bacterial, and that the software-giant is looking into more methods for eradicating unwanted germs from your touchscreen-enabled gadgets.

It should be common knowledge that not all germs are bad for you, but the paranoia—strengthened by anti-bacterial propaganda of many companies—and fear of our micro-friends will continue even if there are studies to prove otherwise.  Anti-bacterial hand wash and sanitizer have become prevalent in many households, and that same concept is making their way to handheld technologies–albeit, a bit more sophisticated.

Microsoft has put in another patent that will deploy the use of UV tech to eradicate harmful bacteria (possibly normal flora, as well) on their mobile gadgets.  The patent submitted by Microsoft basically covers the use UV light to disinfect people’s fingertips if they come in contact with a touchscreen.  Basically, the UV light bounces through a film on or inside the screen, thereby, zapping micro-sized critters without directly blasting every parts of the user.  Keep in mind that Microsoft has been pursuing the anti-bacterial UV tech for quite some time now, and this latest submission is just an improvement on previous proposed methods.

It’s unknown when Microsoft will integrate this method of bacterial annihilation into their lineup of gadgets, but rest assured you don’t have to wait because some hand sanitizer, Windex and toilet papers will do the job just as well.

How long before a “do not share your tablet with others” lingo becomes the norm just like “don’t ever share your toothbrush”?

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