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Microsoft Edge is the Most Power-Efficient Browser on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge has proved itself to be the best browser for your computer if you are a workaholic on-the-go. Whilst we can’t tell you which browser is the best in the world since that would depend heavily on your personal preference, we can conclusively tell you that Microsoft Edge saves the most battery out of all the major players out there.

Power Efficiency Test

Microsoft’s test has shown that Microsoft Edge can handle itself far better than Google Chrome, Opera (even on Battery Saver) and Firebox. It saves up to 36% – 53% more battery than your usual players.

This test is done whilst Edge is on the default settings, not any particularly power-saving ones. Of course, when it comes to speed and performance, it will be a different story. There’s also the issues of plug-ins and add-ons that depend a lot on personal taste and preference. But if you want something to allow you to use your laptop for a longer duration, consider sticking to Edge.

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