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Microsoft discounts first-gen Surface, old laptops and Xbox consoles for Black Friday

With still more than a week to go until Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Microsoft has jumped the gun and revealed some of the promos it will offer through its online store starting at midnight ET on November 28.

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The number of products to be discounted is far from impressive, with only one Surface model and three measly laptops on the list, but some of the savings are massive, so all in all it’s looking like a bright Black Friday for Microsoft fans.

Though aging pretty badly and running Windows RT out the box, the first-gen Surface will undoubtedly snatch the spotlight next week, as it’s set to cost $199 with 32 GB storage, down from $349 at the moment. Of course, inventory is likely to be limited, so don’t even think about dozing off the night of November 28. Especially as the 64 GB tab will not exactly be a steal, at $379 (20 lousy bucks off).

Need a little extra screen real estate, a comfier keyboard and the full Windows 8.1 experience? Then the Dell Inspiron 15z touchscreen laptop is definitely the way to go. If you can find it at $399, a whopping $450 off its list price.

And no, the 15-incher isn’t aging so very handsomely either, boasting sub-par screen resolution and third-gen Intel Core i5 power, but come on, the bang for buck is truly impossible to match.


Meanwhile, gamers on a budget shall rejoice upon hearing the OG 4 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect will go down from $250 to $180, the redesigned Xbox 360 Stingray with 250 GB hard drive is to cost $200 ($50 off), whereas FIFA 14 and Madden 25 will be $25 each, Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag $34, Battlefield 4 $39 and Call of Duty: Ghosts $40. All titles for Xbox 360.

But wait, there’s more. An extra couple of Ivy Bridge-powered laptops, namely Samsung’s ATIV Book 5 and Gateway’s NV570, whose discounts haven’t been made public yet, plus an array of accessories, such as Beats by Dr. Dre gear, Skullcandy earbuds and JayBird headphones. Oh, and AT&T’s no-contract Nokia Lumia 520, albeit that little fellow is already cheap as chips. Let the holiday shopping begin.

Sources: The Verge, Microsoft

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