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Microsoft sheds more light on the Xbox One’s achievement recording feature

The Xbox One’s DVR allows gamers to capture a variety of on-screen content and share clips across the web–a concept that highlights some of the console’s social interactivity features. In addition to capturing in-game footage, the DVR can also record achievements–but Microsoft has stepped in to clarify on the details.

Xbox One

The Xbox One’s DVR function affords a host of opportunities and potential for the gaming community. In addition to the obvious advantages of not having to rely on hardware and software combinations to capture in-game footage, gamers can easily edit, upload and share their clips across a variety of sources.

Players will be able to provide walkthroughs for those confusing or tough missions for the benefit of others across the globe, or even gloat to their friends on executing that perfect finishing move.

Recording voice and even video commentary over the clip will provide an even more dynamic way to clarify information in a specific walkthrough, or just an even greater opportunity to brag to your best-friend about your in-game victory.

Game DVR

The DVR can also capture those gratifying moments when a particularly difficult achievement is unlocked, immortalizing that moment in time where you snagged that nearly-impossible in-game feat.

It was previously believed that every achievement would be recorded with the DVR, however this would present some frustration as gamers would have to manage a ton of clips for insignificant gaming moments like basic mission completions or quest progression.

Thankfully, Microsoft’s Albert Penello–the foremost authority on the Xbox One console–stepped in to reveal that the DVR won’t record every achievement, and that it’s a developer-specific function:

“It won’t be automatic for every Achievement. It’s a feature that Developers can unlock for achievements, OR, for instance, have hidden in the game for doing something cool or discovering something hidden.

“Basically we allow developers access to GameDVR and they can put conditions on an automatic recording. But not every Achievement will automatically be recorded.”

Xbox One  Upload Studio

Once captured, the achievement clips can be edited like any other bit of footage using the Xbox One’s Upload Studio. You’ll be able to toss in some voice-overs for a specific walkthrough or hint guide, or use the Kinect to record a victory dance and overlay it via picture-in-picture–gamers will be given the choice to customize and share their clips as they see fit.

This opens up a door for some interesting in-game moments and hopefully we’ll see developers make use of the function for easter eggs and other goodies hidden throughout any given game.

The potential is there to make an original and engaging moment that can not only be captured in time but showcased across the net, and it will definitely be interesting to see all of the unique ways that devs utilize the feature.

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