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Microsoft denies claims of false opinion rigging for the XBone

Microsoft have denied allegations of hiring people to comment positively or create counter-arguments to negative Xbox One stories

Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, Microsoft could have already infiltrated your favourite gaming or tech news website to make sure their brand stays strong. A Redditor by the name of “mistysilver” claims that he recently visited Microsoft’s headquarters in Washington for a business meeting earlier this week. During the meeting, “Misty” met with members of the company’s marketing team who were busy “upvoting”  positive discussions and comments about the Xbone and “downvoting”  negative comments.

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Misty notes he or she noticed a Microsoft employee or contracted employee was continually “mass-downvoting a ton of posts and comments, and he kept switching to other tabs to make posts and comments of his own.” Misty was astounded upon seeing this but said he/she “couldn’t make out exactly what he was posting, but I presumed he was doing RM (reputation management) and asked my boss about it later.” According to Misty’s boss, Microsoft have just brought in “a huge sweep of [social media marketing] managers to handle reputation management for the Xbox One.”

Some are suspicious of the Redditor’s account as this is the only post he has made and the account was created only 24 hours after the Xbone announcement. The post was first submitted to the Subreddit /r/Gaming and was upvoted a total of 22,057 times and downvoted 19,442 times within the first twelve hours. Unfortunately, at the moment, no one is able to read the thread as all the posts have been deleted and the thread was removed in it’s entirety. A response made it to the front page of Gaming shortly afterwards calling out the possibility that Microsoft asked the thread to be taken down.

Microsoft have issued response to the claims, saying the allegations are untrue. A spokesperson for Microsoft spoke with Neowin to confirm that “There is no coordinated or sanctioned effort by Microsoft employees, or anyone paid by Microsoft, to unduly influence Reddit or other online forums.”

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