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Microsoft Demonstrates IE 9 In Beauty Of The Web Event

Have you tried out Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta yet? For those of you who have, are you aware of what Microsoft’s latest browser is capable of? Microsoft has organized an event at its office at One Marina Boulevard this afternoon to demonstrate their new web browser’s features. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Updated: more information and requirements for the browser has been revealed.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that Service Pack 1 must be installed before the browser will be able to run in Windows 7. No additional information has been released regarding compatibility on Windows Vista.

Speaking at the product demonstration for The Beauty Of the Web was Harash Khoobchandani (pictured below), Consumer & Online Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft Asia Pacific, who outlined the company’s goals and plans for delivering the best possible online experience for consumers in light of the changing digital landscape.

“We’re trying to be the center of all the digital experiences for the consumer. Internet Explorer 9 is just the first step…we are rethinking about how we build a browser and how we present that to the consumer,” he said.

Khoobchandani also likened the web browser to a theatre in which performances are held, explaining that Microsoft’s goal with Internet Explorer 9 was to deliver the best platform experience for the consumer.

“Consumers want speed. They want security, and they want simplicity. And that is non-negotiable… it is all about the user experience, and how we ensure that to be great. That is why we introduced the theme about unlocking a more beautiful web,” he said. “We think about the web as a theater and the website as the play. And Internet Explorer provides the platform, like how a theater does, for some of the world’s best plays to get performed in.”

The emphasis on delivering the best end-user experience was also reiterated by Matthew Hardman of the Windows Client Business Group Lead (Business and Marketing) for Microsoft Singapore, who headed up on the actual product demonstration.

“We need to ensure that we go ahead and work on delivering an experience on the web with Windows that is second to none,” he said while describing how users’ expectations of the Internet has changed with the times.

“We need to make sure that the technology used in browsers are keeping up,” he added. ” It’s really about the experience, not the data. We need to make sure that we can deliver a platform that people can get a good experience on.”

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