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Microsoft counters: The Xbox One will be able to play back audio CDs

Following Sony’s statements that the PlayStation 4 will not be able to read audio CDs, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will be able to do so.


Sony created a furor earlier this week by mentioning in its PlayStation 4 FAQ that the console will not have the ability to play back audio CDs or read .mp3 files. Also, the console will not feature DLNA, the connected home standard that Sony created in the first place.

Microsoft hit back at its long-time rival by mentioning today that its next-gen console, the Xbox One, will include both features. The Xbox One can be used as a media server, and comes with DLNA. When it comes to reading .mp3 files, however, users have to resort to using Microsoft’s Play To streaming service. The service works with any Windows 7 or Windows Phone device.

Also, it has been mentioned that functionality will be limited to just audio playback.

This is the most recent jab between the two manufacturers that has been going on since both consoles were unveiled earlier this year. Consumer interest has been higher in the PlayStation 4 than the Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 netting twice as many pre-orders as the Xbox One. This is likely the result of a lot of bad press that Microsoft received thanks to its numerous policy changes, and subsequent u-turns.

Now it looks like Sony is taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s book. We have to wait and see if Sony will similarly reverse its decision on CD playback, but for now it doesn’t look likely.

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