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Microsoft to complete development of Windows 9 by October 2014

Windows 9 is rumored to arrive spring 2015, but another bit of info from an insider is hinting that the Windows 8 replacement may drop as early as October 2014.


Even if Microsoft is in denial about how delectable Windows 8 is, people that are consuming the latest Microsoft soup are coming down with all sorts of stomach issues.  Rather than adding extra spices and sauces to Windows 8 to disguise the bad ingredients, Microsoft is warming up a new pot of water for Windows 9.

What does this all mean?  It means Windows 8 is on track to be taken off the menu and fed to the alley strays.  While we don’t know what the chefs in Redmond have in store for us, we’ll just have to wait patiently and continue to pick at what’s on the plate.  In the meantime, however, most people are content with the taste of Windows XP and 7.

Just as it did with Vista, Microsoft is trying to distance itself from the 8 and RT brand.  Perhaps the software-turned-hardware company has gotten enough rotten constructive feedbacks, and is now ready to cook up something that’s edible.

Prior reports indicate Microsoft will dish up Windows 9 in the spring of next year, but, according to Windows leaker WZOR, complete development of the platform might happen as soon as late this year.  This means, we’ll be able to get a taste of the new ingredients and compliment the chefs on doing away with what didn’t sit well in the previous version.  The speculation that development of Windows 9 will complete by October falls in line with standard business practice as PC makers need some time to test and build around the new OS.

Hopefully, we’ll get some official announcement about Windows 9 at Microsoft’s BUILD conference in April.

Source: WZOR

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