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Microsoft Commemorates Halo: Reach With Limited Edition Bundle


Halo: Reach is one of the highly anticipated games this year and Microsoft is intending to launch the game with the limited edition bundle this September. The exclusive bundle will come with the silver Xbox 360 console and matching custom “Halo: Reach” limited edition wireless controllers.

The Xbox 360 limited edition “Halo: Reach” bundle features silver finish and comes with two custom Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers with the game artwork, standard edition copy of “Halo: Reach”, a token for the limited edition elite armor set, an episode of “Halo Legends” and a “Halo: Reach”-themed Xbox 360 wired headset.

Pricing to be announced later.

Microsoft and Bungie have also revealed an onslaught of other “Halo: Reach” news at Comic-Con International, including a first look at Forge World, Versus Firefight mode and more.

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