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Microsoft chooses Julie Larson-Green as new Windows Head

Windows Head, Julie Larson-Green

Julie Larson-Green may not be a name most would recognize off hand, but she is surely a significant part of the millions of households around the globe that use a PC running Windows.

Putting the past behind them, Microsoft with their all-new Windows 8 OS has made a tremendous leap forward and it was due, at least in part, because of the tremendous work and effort of Microsoft's programmer, Julie Larson-Green.

Not too long ago Microsoft and Apple were major players at odds with one another.  The commercials from Apple were seemingly endless with their humorous PC Vs. Macintosh campaign.  The commercials would open up with the tag lines, “Hello I’m a Mac. And I’m a PC.” The massive ad campaign seemed to fade away once Mac/Apple sales went up.  Now Windows is firing back with their all-new Windows PC operating system.  This new system is being touted as a major competitor with Apple, and a lot of that modern look is being attributed to Julie Larson-Green.

Julie Larson-Green has been working for Microsoft for nearly 2 decades and began as an humble yet efficient program manager for Visual C++.  Green worked her way up the ladder and was always well respected by her peers and known as a driven and efficient developer and programmer for the company.  So, when Microsoft announced on Monday, November 12th that Steven Sinofsky who was once head over the Windows and Windows Live operations would be leaving the company and replaced with Julie Larson-Green, it came as no real surprise.  Most knew that Green was the perfect woman for the job and also because of her revolutionary contributions to the new Windows 8.

Sinofsky leaves Microsoft only a few weeks after the release of Windows 8, which was designed in part by the help of Julie Larson-Green.  However, it was noted that Sinofsky and Green were part of a much larger team in helping to create the new software development for the company. And it was because of that team-building spirit that Green was able to help lead the biggest redesign in regards new Windows 8 operating system.

In an interview with ABC News, Green stated that Windows needed major changes because the world had advanced tremendously since Windows was first introduced nearly a quarter century ago.  Green told ABC News, “We wanted to reinvent Windows to be what people expect today but we also wanted to maintain the familiar desktop and the apps that people use.”  She went on to say that she and the team working on Windows 8 worked very hard on the project and changed it to how they felt people wanted to have with the new OS.

“We wanted it to be fun and useful. People talk about work life and home life, but in today's world it's not different… you can have fun and get things done," she said.

Now that Green is head of Windows, many in the PC community are ecstatic to see where Windows is headed and how it will evolve into the more advanced era of computing. While the changes in Windows and the advancements they are making are quite apparent, it is even more apparent that Microsoft has chosen the right person to be head over Windows.  Green has been one of Microsoft’s greatest assets, and now that she is head over Windows, PC users should be delighted to see that Microsoft has not lost its edge in an ever-evolving Internet world.

Jack Taylor
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