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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer employee approval remains low

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, has never been an employee or investor favorite, but the recent moves made by him and the company has helped him to get a few more thumbs up from his underlings.

There are people out there that aren't happy with Ballmer helming the Microsoft ship, and feel that the company would do better under new leadership, especially considering that it was under his leadership that the company fell so far behind in the mobile market. However, given the company's recent moves with things like Windows Phone, the Surface, and of course Windows 8, onlookers may have shifted their perspectives of Ballmer to a certain degree.

Even though Ballmer may be ranked as the second worst CEO of 2012 by CNBC, you have to give him credit for being willing to take on the riskiest bet the company has ever taken. It is a bet that appears to have helped changed some company employees' feelings about their leader.

According to Glassdoor the company's employees approval for Ballmer has gone up in 2012 to 52% from the previous year's 35% approval. Unfortunately, his approval rating has dropped to 48% this month.

The average employee rating also went up a bit in 2012; last year’s 3.4 increased to 3.7 out of 5 this year.

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