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Microsoft celebrates the 10th anniversary of Xbox by giving away special edition consoles

Microsoft launched the Xbox 10 years ago, and throughout its decade-long lifespan the console has evolved into a bona-fide entertainment system. To celebrate Xbox's 10th anniversary, Microsoft is giving away many special edition consoles to long-time loyal users of Xbox LIVE.

Microsoft's Xbox console has only been around for a decade, but in that short time the system has evolved and grown into a massive conduit that provides every kind of digital entertainment available today: from movies, television and interactive gaming, Xbox 360 has it all.

To celebrate Xbox's tenth anniversary, Microsoft is giving away special editions of the Xbox 360 to select long-time loyal users of Xbox LIVE. Many people have already received their own consoles through the mail, however we're not exactly sure of the requirements. Since Microsoft is awarding and giving back to "loyal Xbox LIVE users", we can guess that this may mean an uninterrupted subscription for perhaps anywhere from seven to ten years…yet this hasn't been officially confirmed and remains speculation.

The limited edition consoles, dubbed "XBL 10", are snazzy redesigns of the newer age Xbox Slim models, featuring a stylish color scheme that incorporates the signature Xbox LIVE theme of neon orange and lime green.

Also to coincide with Xbox's tenth birthday Microsoft is hosting an online event over Xbox LIVE featuring various sales on content as well as others festivities to be included on a window pane on the Xbox LIVE dashboard. For more information on Xbox's tenth anniversary please visit the official website.

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