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Microsoft’s only Window to be announced next week

Various reports are suggesting Microsoft will officially announce an official name for the latest Windows product next week at the invite-only San Francisco event.

As of right now, the next Windows label is anyone’s guess.  Since Microsoft is in the process of consolidating its platform into a synchronous ecosystem, it’s very likely that every single hardware that support Microsoft’s operating system will simply be called “Windows”.

Internal documents have revealed that Microsoft will do away with the Nokia brand, the mobile division which it took over from the struggling Finnish handset maker.  Furthermore, Windows RT will no longer be a variance of Windows.

Regardless of what Microsoft decides, what most PC users are looking for in the next iteration of Windows is a seamless interface that caters to both touch and non-touch capable devices.  The Redmond-based company received quite a bit of criticism from the industry as a whole with Windows 8—mostly because it was trying to cram an unpopular user experience down the throat of many.  Change and progress is indeed a good thing, but the execution is always a crucial part of change—something which Microsoft did not do too well.

H/T: The Verge/Reuters

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