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Microsoft accidentally outs unannounced Lumia Phone X

Lumia Phone X

It is being speculated that the Lumia Phone X could in fact be the rumored Surface Phone that everyone seems to be waiting for.

The Lumia Phone X name was revealed accidentally today when Microsoft China uploaded a new video on YouTube, describing how the company’s Continuum feature works on Windows 10 smartphones. The video doesn’t actually show the device in question, but the video description text did refer to the handset as being one of smartphones that supports the Continuum feature.

The description posted earlier today read:

Homemade Welcome Mobile phone Continuum, this function can convert your phone large screen projector and utilities. Use dock or adapter to connect to a TV or monitor, and then use your application on a larger screen and view your content. You can also make your mouse and keyboard computer phone has the same powerful features, such as production of Office documents, send e-mail, and even type text messages. Upon completion, the file will be saved on your phone, you can continue working. Of course, you can watch videos, view photos, surf the Web and so on. Note: This feature requires a compatible mobile device is intended for use, for example Lumia 950/XL, Lumia Phone X and Acer Jade Primo.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft China reacted quickly and removed the reference to the Lumia Phone X. If you remember, a few days back a report claimed the Lumia 650 will be one of only two smartphones to be announced by Microsoft this year, the other being the Surface Phone. That could mean the Lumia Phone X is the fabled Surface Phone, likely targeted at the enterprise segment.

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