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MetroPCS adds Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G

MetroPCS today announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G today.  Even with the 4G speed of MetroPCS this phone still isn't even in the same category of powerful phones but at $169 you cant expect much.

This wasn't a secret to anyone if you are into Android news at all.  It was, in fact, in the list of phones to be released; we just didn't know it's name.  The phone itself has the look of the Galaxy S2 and S3 but it doesn't have the size or the power of Samsung's previous and current flagship.  It's predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Admire, reveals that the step up to a Galaxy Admire isn't  huge change with the exception of the phone's appearance.  If we look at the specs of the new versus the old it's basically got a slightly bigger screen, a slightly faster processor and a slightly better battery. And of course, all for a slightly higher price tag.

It's a better looking phone for sure but the differences in the phone aren't worth it to me to run out and grab one.  The Galaxy Admire 4G is slightly better than your average entry level Android devices, but it's nothing to rave about either.  It is worth noting that the Galaxy Admire 4G will run Android Gingerbread out of the box, which is more or less very outdated in today's Android world.

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