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Metro: Last Light receives new live aciton trailer

THQ has released a new trailer for it's upcoming game, Metro: Last Light. Once again, it's a live-action trailer, and once again, it's quite unsettling.

In May of this year, THQ released a live-action trailer for it's upcoming game; Metro: Last Light. The trailer made quite an impact and was praised for painting a chilling tale of the moments before the apocalypse occurs which Metro's universe takes place in. The financially troubled developer has released a new live-action trailer, and this one is just as unsettling, and poetic, as the first one.

We're introduced to what most of us would refer to as a madman; a crazy person who walks the streets of Moscow with a bible in hand, yelling to himself about the apocalypse. The trailer asks us to consider what happens to people like this when the apocalypse actually occurs. What happens, is that this man whom society laughed off as completely insane, is now heralded as a prophet, as seen at the end of the trailer, when we see him holding a religious sermon.



The trailer is thought provoking and raises quite a few philosophical questions about the nature of madness, truth and all manner of other things, which is perfect for a Metro trailer: Though Metro is predominately an action game, it's predecessor took plenty of opportunities to ask questions about human nature and what happens to society when civilization ends – it's a running theme in the game, and any trailer would be wise to include it.

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