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Metallic Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 leak in full, pics, specs and all

The two Galaxy Alpha “cousins” weren’t exactly big question marks before, but now they’re as transparent as glass.

Galaxy A5

Boy, we’ve heard of and seen plenty of comprehensive product leaks over time, yet what’s happening with Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy A3 and A5 still feels a little extreme. Got questions? We have all the answers, yes, all of them, thanks to one or two early spills of information, plus an FCC certification, benchmark listing and two new separate photo shoots.

Let’s start with the obvious. What we’re looking at here are two slightly lower-end variations of the original half-metal/half-plastic upper mid-range handheld, the Galaxy Alpha. The A3 is a 4.5 incher, and the A5 is bizarrely narrowly larger than the Alpha, at 4.8 inches.

Both unreleased Androids come with elegant and sturdy aluminum around their edges. Some sources say aluminum unibodies are in the cards, but that doesn’t really jibe with what we’re seeing in renders and live images.

Galaxy A3 A5

Then again, it’s entirely possible the rear covers aren’t made of Sammy’s customary chintzy and glossy plastic, but something a wee bit sturdier and more premium-feeling. Either way, these are definite lookers, especially considering their rumored price ranges: between $350 and $450.

Hardware-wise, neither one compares with the Alpha, but both are 64-bit-supporting, with quad-core Snapdragon 410 processors under the hoods. Of course, since they’ll run 32-bit-capable Android 4.4 KitKat out the box, they’ll not quite benefit from the superior speeds of the S410… at first.

Meanwhile, 1 GB RAM keeps multitasking in check on the smaller model, and 2 gigs cover the bases on the A5. The A3 further features 8 GB internal storage, 8 and 5 MP cameras, 4G LTE connectivity and microSD support, plus disappointing 960 x 540 pix res screen resolution.

Galaxy A5-2

As for the A5, the res is boosted to 720p, native storage doubles down to 16 GB, and the rear-facing cam’s sensor is an impressive 13 MP. LTE can’t go missing, the front cam is a decent 5 MP, and a beefy 2,300 mAh battery is more than enough to get the bad boy through a full day of use.

Finally, we should mention the A3/A5 pair is intended for global audiences, and as the former’s FCC visit proves, that includes the US. With subsidies on multiple carriers, presumably, which isn’t really the case for the larger, higher-end Galaxy A7, expected to bow in limited quantities in merely a handful of European and/or Asian markets.

The when of the equation is the only piece of the puzzle left uncovered, but as the holiday season approaches, the chances of seeing all these metallic beauties on store shelves grow by the day.

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