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Metal Moto 360 briefly up for Verizon pre-orders, leather models also coming to AT&T

Although the Moto 360 is pretty short in supply at the moment, to say the least, Motorola apparently feels the patchy availability will be remedied at some point, with Verizon set to score metal band models in November, and AT&T leathery versions over the coming weeks.


As if Motorola’s uber-encouraging rookie wearable effort didn’t have enough reasons for concern, what with the equally beautiful LG G Watch R and Asus ZenWatch breathing down its neck and the Apple iWatch intro a matter of hours, the first not-so-encouraging reviews are in.

Meanwhile, Verizon started taking pre-orders for the metal band-sporting Android timepiece, which would have been excellent news, except the pre-order page now delivers an ominous error message. Hopefully, at least those that managed to claim an early 360 unit will get them shipped as promised, on or around November 11.

No words on when to expect the $300 gizmo back in stock, whereas the $250 gray and black leather flavors continue to be unreachable via Motorola.com, Google’s Play Store and Best Buy. And yes, we mean both BB’s online store and brick and mortar retail locations.

Moto 360-2

Rumor is Best Buy will replenish in-store inventory in a week or so, however with Verizon listing the two $250 variants as shipping on October 27, we wouldn’t hold our breaths. AT&T is reluctant to touch on precise timelines, but they do say the Moto 360 will initially be available with black or gray leather wristbands, so as it turns out, they hope to nab metallic 360s someday as well.

Back to the earlier alluded reviews, let’s point out Moto 360’s internals are nowhere near on par with the premium exterior. The stainless steel-constructed, “finely crafted” Android Wear device packs for some reason an ancient, almost medieval TI OMAP 3 processor instead of a contemporary Snapdragon 400, thus feeling laggy and sluggish compared to pretty much every other relatively new smartwatch. First-gen LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live included.

Even worse, the CPU acutely plagues 360’s battery life, forcing power users to charge the thing every few hours. Yes, hours. Talk about wasted opportunities and deceiving appearances, huh?

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