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‘Metal Gear Solid V”s advanced enemy AI causes problems for Hideo Kojima’s planned TGS 2013 demo


Traditionally, upcoming games are demoed in a series of choreographed events–that is to say that there are natural elements to the gameplay, but the studio has a certain level or gameplay element that they want to showcase. This is often determined by the game’s current development status, i.e. if it’s still in pre-alpha or farther along.

This year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2013) is going to be an interesting venue as Sony is back on their home turf, and we’ll see a plethora of titles and demos being showcased.

One such game is Kojima Productions’ enigmatic offering with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as the studio’s head Hideo Kojima plans to demo the game during an on-stage showing.

Interestingly enough, the advanced enemy AI has proven to be a challenge for Kojima’s planned demo: the AI is advanced to the point where the enemies themselves are unpredictable, making it difficult for the studio to plot out and rehearse a cohesive showing.

The AI might be so unpredictable that Kojima has said that he might have to “stop because of mistakes”, and the mistakes in this case wouldn’t be the fault of technical slip-ups but instead due to the game’s complex nature.

Kojima has explained his plight in a series of recent Tweets which have been translated below:


“If you’re going to see the demo at the stage event, I may have to stop [before the end of the presentation] because of mistakes.”



“Oh my, the demo for the stage event is 100% more difficult.

“The behavior of the enemy is different every time, I can’t help it because I cannot predict it. I found out while playing that it’s not possible to pre-plan the presentation. If it was our own booth, extending the time would be possible on a case-by-case “basis, but this time it’s not.”


MGS V: The Phantom Pain is one of the most cinematically impressive next-gen titles that has been revealed this year, and remains to be one of the studio’s crowning achievements in the series, even though the title has yet to be released.

The trailer footage followed the traditional enigmatic flair associated with the series, introducing a smattering of new questions and controversies as gamers debate the meaning of certain symbols and on-screen characters.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if Kojima can tackle the problem and fashion a planned demo of The Phantom Pain–but personally I would enjoy a non-scripted playthrough much more, especially one that showed the dynamic nature of the enemy AI.

We’ll have to wait until TGS 2013 kicks off on Sept. 19 to see what happens, but we’re confident that the founder of the iconic franchise won’t let us down.

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