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Members of Congress getting in on cellphone unlocking ban

Chances are the Library of Congress didn't realize the hornet's nest they were unleashing when they decided to ban consumers from being able to unlock their cellphones outside of their carrier's offers.

Here at VR-Zone we've been keeping a pretty close eye on the whole Library of Congress and U.S. Copyright Office’s decision to ban consumers from being able to unlock their cell phones. First was the initial petition at the government's We are the People petition site and how it got the requisite number of signatures needed so that the Obama Administration would have to respond.

That was followed by the news that the administration did indeed respond and, amazingly, on the side of the consumer saying that the ban was wrong and that consumer should have the right to unlock their cell phones – and tablets – as they see fit.

Now, today we get word that Congress is looking at getting in on the act as a growing number of Senators and Representatives are adding their voices to the Obama Administration's response. In fact, several of them are drafting legislation that would overturn the ban and to make unlocking of cell phones a legal right.

As it stands right now Rep. Anna Eshoo, who serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is working on legislation and says that a ban on unlocking cell phones puts consumers "in the back seat" when it comes to choosing the device and service that best suits their needs.

Along with Eshoo, we have Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrate, who says she will be unveiling a similar type of bill in the Senate.

Adding one of the most powerful voices in Congress, Senator Patrick Leahy, and it looks like we could have the beginnings of a real bill that could pass both houses of Congress to make its way the President's desk. Given his administration has already come out in favor of the consumer on this, we could see a real change in the laws regarding you and your right to unlock your cell phone as you see fit.

via PC Mag

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