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Meizu may be hinting at the use of Samsung’s Exynos Octa for their MX3


The most solid evidence yet that the Meizu MX3 could be using Samsung’s powerful processor has surfaced. The source? Surprisingly it was Meizu themselves.

Word has been spreading around the internet that there was a chance that the next flagship phone from Meizu known as the MX3 could use the Exynos 5410 Octa processor from Samsung, which is most well known for powering the international version of the Galaxy S4. Well today we have further confirmation of the possibility as Meizu’s own Weibo page has posted the following image:


It’s hard to believe they’d boast the advantages of such a processor if they weren’t using it. Also, Samsung and Meizu are no stranger to working together so it wouldn’t be all too surprising to see them partner up yet again in this capacity.  It would also be quite a boon for Meizu as the Exynos Octa continues to smoke the competition in benchmarks which could be used as quite the selling point. Gizchina mentions that the rest of the rumored specs for the MX3 include a full HD display (1080p) that is between 5″-5.4″, as well as 2GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel rear camera.

We’ll obviously have to wait for the official announcement before we can tell for sure, but as of now the MX3 is shaping up to be a monster device.

Source: MyDrivers Via: Gizchina

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