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Meizu confirms next flagship phone will pack octa-core chip, 13 MP cam, 5-inch or larger screen

The so-called Meizu MX3, the company’s highly anticipated next flagship smartphone, is expected to make a commercial debut sometime in the fall. That was essentially all we knew about the thing 24 hours ago, but the status quo has significantly changed between then and now.


The folks over at Russian website mobiltelefon.ru have interviewed Bai Yongxiang and Tin Mok, Meizu’s CEO and VP of Sales and Marketing, which have been unexpectedly forward about their plans for a new heavyweight contender.

Granted, they haven’t handed the phone’s full spec sheet to us on a silver platter, but they’ve revealed more than a couple of its features. First and most importantly, it’s now confirmed MX2’s follow-up will pack octa-core heat.

The CPU’s make and model haven’t been exposed, but it’s not like they’re such a big secret – a Samsung-manufactured Exynos 5 Octa, similar to the one inside the “international” Galaxy S4, will power this Meizu handheld.

But how zippy is this 8-core SoC exactly? Let’s just say it’s zippier than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600, but likely slower than the 800. Another ace up Exynos 5 Octa’s sleeve however is it can save up quite a bit of juice, since it’s not an 8-core processor per se, but rather integrates two quad-core chips, which it uses alternatively.


Moving on, we also have confirmation the future Meizu high-ender will come fitted with a 13 MP camera on its back, featuring a Sony-made Exmor sensor. The display is mostly covered in mystery, but at least we know it’s 5-inch or larger, manufactured by Sharp and will “amaze us with bright and rich colors”.

What else? Oh, yeah, on the software side of things, Meizu will intro Flyme 3.0 with this new phone, which I presume will be built on Android 4.2 and will be simplistic and minimalistic, according to the two Meizu execs.

In terms of design, there are apparently no legit photos of the device leaked, so everything is kept very hush-hush. Finally, the phone’s market name will likely not be MX3 (the current inside moniker is “M065”), a decision on 4G LTE hasn’t been made yet, there will be three differently colored versions and three storage options – 16, 32 and 64 GB. Don’t know about you, but Meizu certainly piqued my curiosity with all these disclosures.

Via [MobilTelefon] and [GizChina]

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