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Lernstift learning pen spell check
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Meet Lernstift: the Linux-powered ink pen that can spell-check

German inventors combine spell-checking from modern word processors with old fountain-ink pens.

Lernstift learning pen spell check

In today’s world, most people do their writing with a keyboard, but for those of you who are forced to use pen & paper, or just prefer the feel of it, the Lernstift should come across as a very attractive gadget.

Created by a team of two Germans Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher, the Lernstift – German for “learning pen” – uses motion sensors and intelligent software running on an embedded version of Linux to detect when you make a spelling mistake, and then vibrates to let you know about it.

lernstift writing ink pen spell check

They didn’t stop there, however, and ended up packing the Lernstift with some other amazing features to include:

  • Two writing modes. Orthography for recognizing spelling errors, and Calligraphy for “pointing out flaws of form and legibility”.
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to cater to your unique handwriting
  • Works with English and German. Support for more languages will be included later on.
  • Can wirelessly sync with third-party apps (that will work with their in-development open API) for digitization of hand-written documents, and collaborative work.

They have launched a campaign for Kickstarter, asking for a public funding of £120,000 in order to mass-produce and distribute the pen, after finishing work on the prototype shown above. For more details, see their original page from the link below.

via Kickstarter

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