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Meet Creative HanzPad, Its Chinese Tablet

Creative Logo. Credit: theo9000 ;) on DeviantART

Recently, ZiiLabs a subsidiary of Creative Technologies recently launched its ZMS-40 System-on-a-Chip. We wondered who will be the launch customer and lo and behold, it's Creative's HanzPad tablet for the Chinese market.

The ZiiLabs ZMS-40 is a successor of ZMS-20 System-on-a-Chip silicon, bringing four ARM Cortex-A9 cores clocked 100MHz faster than NVIDIA Tegra 3 – 1.5GHz. These four cores are paired with an array of 96 dedicated "cores" which handle graphics and multimedia using Android 4.0 operating system (ZMS-20 only supports Android 3.x).

In order to gain traction for the product, Creative Technologies launched HanZpad as a platform for the Chinese market. That's right – even though the company manufacturers HanZpad, it will carry on branding from local Chinese IT vendors – as the market may not see hand in hand with the Singaporean brand. We're uncertain of this decision, but what can be done…

In any case, Creative even developed specialized software for the Google Android platform. Given Creative's experience in the Chinese market, we were not surprised to hear that Creative developed China-oriented software which utilizes encryption – it will only run on ZiiLabs hardware such as afore mentioned ZMS-40.

Software package includes Chinese handwriting software, Digital BriefCase (business) and eSchoolBag (education). No pricing or availability were announced, but given the arrival of first samples (mid-May); don’t expect HanZpad tablets before August/September timeframe.

Source: CNET

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