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MediaTek announces the MT2601 chip for Android Wear smartwatches, other wearables

The MT2601 is a dual-core chip optimized for low power devices like smartwatches.


MediaTek has announced a new low-power chip, the MT2601, for smartwatches running Android Wear. All Android Wear smartwatches (except the Moto 360) currently use a Snapdragon 400 chip, which isn’t optimized for smartwatches but simply has some of its cores disabled in order to drain less energy, and the wearable-optimized MT2601 should help Android Wear smartwatches offer better battery life than they currently do (which is anywhere from a day to a day and a half, depending on usage.)

The MT2601 has two Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.2GHz, along with a Mali 400MP GPU that supports up to qHD (960×540) resolution displays. “The MT2601 has an incredibly small die size and is highly optimized for cost and power performance. The platform solution, comprised of MT2601 integrated with Android Wear software, will fuel the maker revolution and empower the application developer community worldwide to create a broad range of innovative applications and services,” said J.C. Hsu, General Manager of New Business Development at MediaTek.

According to MediaTek, the MT2601 packs in 41.5 percent components than competing chips and offers lower power consumption and a lower cost. It remains to be seen how widely the new chip from the Chinese chipmaker is adopted in the smartwatch market, though it certainly should make its way to cheaper smartwatches that are sure to make it to the consumer market in the coming months.

Source: CNBC

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