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Medal of Honor update rolling out

An update is rolling out for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, partially due to player feedback and partially in preparation for the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty map pack.

An update for EA's shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, is rolling out on December 18 for all platforms. The update, which is mandatory for all platforms except the Xbox 360, includes a number of fixes and changes. Player feedback over the past months are the primary force behind the update, and include everything from damage alteration, to menu fixes. Four changes in particular are PC specific and have to do mainly with game options.


The update is required for anyone who wants to play the upcoming Zero Dark Thirty map pack, which focuses on the Bin Laden raid. It contains preparatory changes and additional content required for the map pack, which is free for anyone who purchased the Limited and Digital Deluxe editions of the game. The complete list of changes is below:


VoIP improvements
– Front-end visual improvements in MP
– Increased bullet damage in Real Ops
– In-game Party improvements
– Shortened post-match timer and updated post-match progression display
– Several fixes for Eyefinity setups (PC)
– Added server leaderboards post-match
– Added Fireteam leaderboards in Battlelog
– Added Quick Select for classes/weapons 
– Added server password protection support (PC)
– Added ability to modify FOV through in-game options (PC)
– Added ability to modify ADS mouse speed option (PC)
– 10 additional multiplayer ranks: Atlas Commander Bronze 1/2/3, Atlas Commander Silver 1/2/3, Atlas Commander Gold 1/2/3, and Atlas Supreme Commander
– Improved stability for SP and MP
– Numerous fixes addressing known bugs and exploits
– Additional content and changes in preparation for the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack.

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