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Meanwhile in Japan, portable toilets

Portable potties may look convenient, but after the toddler stage, we never really got to feel comfortable using it. Well, Toto may just have the perfect substitute to these clumsy comfort tools: a whole, but completely portable toilet unit.


Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd. has developed a new kind of toilet that is perfectly moveable. And when we say “moveable”, we mean that you can literally carry the toilet from the restroom to the person that needs it. The “secret” to their newly designed toilet unit lies at the back of the entire seat. Flushed poop is brought to the system that is inside the white box thing at the rear of the toilet. This is where the poop gets literally pulverized to bits. Then, the crushed poop goes to a slender flexible tube connected, which then directly passes through to the home or facility’s drainpipe systems.

 [youtube id=”Xmo0MU1akto” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The primary advantage of these portable “corded” toilets is of course the intuitive comfort that it brings to the user, as opposed to using a regular portable potty. With a sufficiently long flexible tube (that hopefully won’t be accidentally torn or cut off), it can always be brought at “bedside distance” to anyone who might not be able to walk all the way to the restroom. As such, it would be especially useful in hospitals and other medical facilities.

But perhaps the more notable advantage of the toilet’s system is the potential use of smaller pipes for the entire facility’s sanitation/sewage system. Large pipes are essentially no longer needed, if such toilet units would become the common standard, because the poop would always be grounded up before passing through. In the demonstration for instance, they used slender 20mm pipes and tubes, instead of using standard 75-100mm pipes.

Toto’s new toilets are slated for an official commercial release in September 30, 2013, with each unit holding a price tag equivalent to 5,600 USD.

Source: DigInfo

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